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Cash2unlock is the perfect place for businesses looking to finance short-term needs—whether it’s equipment, office spaces, or cash for day-to-day operations.

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We are focused on educating and empowering underserved small business owners on how to get business credit and small business funding.

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We bring you today’s business and financial news, as well as the most recent information that may affect your money, assets, savings, and financial wellness.

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Business Credit

The strong financial future of your business starts with your business credit. Building business credit is easy with experts at credit.


Business Formation

Starting a small business? Learn about LLCs, business plans, financing, and more. Everything you need to start and run a smart and successful small business.


Business Funding

We help startups even with insufficient credit history and access more flexible funding.


Employee Retention Credit refunds have a turnaround time of 9-12 months. In today’s market, it is beneficial to put capital to work now before losing against market rates as such with inflation on the rise.

Apply for ERC in just 5 minutes.

Fill out our simple application in 3-5 minutes. It won’t affect your credit score, and it’s completely free.

Tax Filing Intake Form 2023.

File your taxes now!


Why Apply for the R&D Tax Credit?

Keep more of your profits

Reduce federal and state tax liability for past, current and future years

There is no limit to how many years into the future
that the credit may be claimed
Business Formation


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Use our Free loan calculator to determine your monthly payment, interest rate, number of months, or principal amount on loan.

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Easily compute your income tax, add up your monthly contributions, and give you your total net monthly income with our Tax Calculator.

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Bring you the latest breaking financial news on the US economy, personal finance, stock markets, and everything about small business.

Small Business Funding

No more cash flow disruptions. Be updated with the latest small business funding available to you. 

Grants and Awards Available for Small Businesses.


new grants and awards available for small businesses you can take advantage of for your small business to help you get started.


Latest Financial News


Today’s business and financial news, plus the latest updates that may affect your money, investments, savings, and financial health.


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